Throughout their 20+ years of outdoor sports experience Adreventura have remained committed to their initial mantra: Safety, not only for the customer, but also for employees and the community. Adreventura ensures customer safety & happiness which remain their number one priority.

Using the highest level of professionalism, the company has carefully chosen experienced and qualified guides in order to provide a range of quality tours. Weather conditions and water levels are closely monitored on a daily basis. Adreventura also adheres to the highest standards regarding the equipment quality, with checks performed prior to and following every trip and damaged gear is replaced where necessary.

Every particular tour is assessed according to the ability level of the group, the time of the season, the actual water level & the weather conditions, with the final decision on the tour’s safety bestowed upon the guide. Should the guide deem the weather or water conditions unsuitable they will have the full support of Adreventura in their decision.

Adreventura wants to be an honest competitor within Ticino and strives to be as professional as possible. We intend to make every person in association with Adreventura happy, from every customer, to the employees, to the community & we would like to set an example for the rest of Switzerland and eventually the world.

Adreventura strives to achieve the highest safety level possible by regularly checking it's safety procedures plan and updating it with the help of feedback from guides, customers & available information relating to the environment.

Now all that is left to do is join us out there, having fun in a safe environment.


The safety policy of Adreventura Ticino is based on the following principles:

  • The highest priority is the safety of all customers, all employees and everyone involved into the organisation; it has the precedence over all economic considerations. To prevent accidents in the adventure and outdoor activities, everything must be analysed, necessary according to the experience of what is possible in techniques and adapted to the given circumstances.
  • A safe handlings course of all adventure and outdoor activities are to be ensured by the application of an operational safety concept. With the help of this safety concept any shortcomings are systematically identified and improved, whereby the level of safety level is kept high.
  • Accident prevention and health protecting of the customers and employees are essential in order to maintain competitiveness and strength.
  • Adreventura Ticino is committed to comply with all general accepted national and international standards relating to the exercise of adventure and outdoor activities as well as all corresponding instructions of the competent authorities insofar as they are legally undisputed.
  • Adreventura Ticino recognises the safety policy and safety objectives of "Safety in adventures" as the basis for it’s safety planning. 


Regardless their experience or background, every guide is encouraged to keep on updating his/her knowledge under the motto: “Never stop learning”. Adreventura organises internally a few trainings before and during the season to keep the mind of the guides fresh and alert for potential dangers.

Management team members are active guides & instructors themselves. For example: Guides are trained by international recognised Canyoning federations such as: “Commission Internationale de Canyon (CIC)”, "International canyoning organization for professionals" (ICOpro), "Tiroler schluchtenführerverband" (TSV), “Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA), … Only the guides specialised and trained for a particular activity are put in charge.


The foundation "Safety in Adventures" is active throughout Switzerland. It aims to improve security standards of commercially run outdoor and adventure activities such as river rafting, bungy jumping, canyoning, etc. and to document these security standards with the label "Safety in Adventures" to the general public.

The foundation is a non profit organisation. It defines the necessary requirements that providers have to fulfill and regularly verifies compliance. Only those who fulfill the stringent requirements are allowed to use the "Safety in Adventures" label – the blue "S".

Adreventura is reviewed annually by the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance SA) to ensure if the standards of safety in adventures have been met. Adventure activity companies that are recognised by this organisation can be found under this list.


Adreventura Ticino performs analysing methods and remains these as long as they qualify for the company’s purposes:

  • Process analysis: Identifying the processes and activities of the adventure and outdoor activities and to recognise or to describe the infrastructure and supporting work.
  • Risk analysis: For all processes, pursuits of the activities and to recognise all implementing locations concerning safety on the relevant factors and "Critical Control Points (CCP)".
  • Risk assessment: To compare the current risk situations of the own adventure and outdoor activities with the superior protection objectives (=TARGET-comparison (SOLL-IST)).
  • Analysis of the need for action: To extract out of the TARGET-comparison the necessary conclusions regarding the need for action, the dominant process steps and influences. As a basic principle all new programs or activities are personally tested and evaluated by at least one of the security officers. Through the membership in many professional organisations and obtaining a close relationship with authorities, competitors and manufacturers, new and relevant safety aspects are identified and subsequently implemented. The information obtained is kept up to date and the analysis is updated before the beginning of every season.
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